1. Maximize Your Most Powerful Asset! 
2. Know Thyself – Measure Your Reputation! 
 3. Learn to Play to Many Audiences!
4. Live Your Values and Ethics!
5. Be a Model Citizen!
6. Convey a Compelling Vision of Your Enterprise!
7. Create Emotional Appeal!
8. Recognize Your Shortcomings! 
9. Stay Vigilant to Ever-Present Perils!
10. Make Your Employees Your Reputation Champions! 
11. Control the Internet Before it Controls You!
12. Speak with a Single Voice!
13. Beware the Dangers of Reputation Rub-off!
14. Manage Crises with Finesse! 
15. Fix it Right the First Time!
16. Never Underestimate the Public’s Cynicism!
17. Remember – Being Defensive is Offensive!
18. If All Else Fails, Change Your Name!
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